what the hell is Phu Bai?


Looking north on Highway 1, a convoy approaches Phu Bai

from Hue. Taken with an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, 200mm lens. This is the best photo in the bunch, and it all goes downhill from here!

Concertina wire and landmines as far as the eye can see ...

More of the same, with a concrete "star" bunker to the right

of the center guard tower.

Trenchline, reinforced with woven bamboo.

The ammo dump on the morning after it blew up. Toast.

Somewhere near the motor pool, possibly.

Claymore mine position (the heap of sandbags).

That is not a nice place to spend the night.

Gruntville, home of the Jarheads.

Hill 180, as it normally appeared on the horizon.

Hill 180, a lot nastier looking up close.

Marine CH-53 on short final to Phu Bai International

Huey whoppin' overhead.

A brace of Marine CH-34's meandering over.

Phu Bai's water source, operated by Korean contractors.

The EM Club.

In this case, RC stands for "Rusty Can".

The fabled swimming pool, on one of the very few days that

it actually had any water in it.

Mother of a thousand puppies.

At least they are safer inside our compound and won't be



Training to be a substitute for our "incoming" siren.

Barracks trailers with blast wall between.

Executive suite.

Sam, the cigarette stealing/eating monkey.

Sam and Bishop, primates in arms.

Sam deftly swoops down off the wall, steals the cigarettes

and will eat the pack before he can be caught again.

Pohl exits the Zip Shop with fabulous goods purchased.

Ken Lovitt relaxes in the executive suite.

Lovitt working on his novel.

Tirelessly, Lovitt pounds out chapter after chapter ...

Joe Munson picks up his mail.

Mike Pohl hunkerin' in the trench.

Pohl's tennies, repaired with 100mph tape.

Ron Ota in repose.

Ron Ota "Quit following me, Haole!!!"

Ota off to ops.

Ron Ota, combat photographer.

Doug Patience, ready for a sporting day at sunny Phu Bai.

Patience, never at a loss for words.

Hue Citadel, ornate gate. Sometime in early '67 we took a

day trip to Hue, and spent most of our time wandering around inside the Citadel, which got blown to bits during Tet '68.

Mike Pohl, tourist at the Citadel.

Hue Citadel, courtyard.

Rice paddies inside the citadel walls.

Just pretend it is night, and this crummy photo looks better!

From balcony, Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel, one of the major gates.

Nice stuff in the throne room, Hue Citadel.

Hue Citadel, elaborate and ornate architecture.

Hue Citadel, drain through wall. The ornate grille did not

keep out the NVA when they overran it during Tet '68

Hue Citadel, lion-dog guards the palace.

Hue Citadel, dragon-infested building.

Hue Citadel, throne room vase.

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